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Freemore MP4 Video Converter Features

  • Convert video of any formats to MP4
  • Batch convert video files of any formats
  • Extract sound from video files
  • Preset quality adjustment and wizard-style operation
  • 100% FREE and Easy

MP4 format is commonly used in various multimedia devices such as iPod, iPhone and on many other handheld devices. Many websites also use MP4 technology to incorporate videos in their web pages. It is expandable, meaning it can be adapted in the future to allow for new technologies, so will be around yet for quite a while. Freemore MP4 Video Converter will help you convert any video to MP4 and it supports a lot more formats.

Free MP4 Video Converter Software to Convert Video to MP4 for Playback on More Devices

MP4 is a container format that can store video, audio and subtitle data (as well as more depending on content). Since stores like iTunes uses this container format, and it is used with iPod and PlayStation Portable (PSP), MP4 files have become more common. With Freemore MP4 Video Converter you can encode all your videos for your MP4 player and it supports all players including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android tablets many other MP4 devices. You are also able to extract music files from popular video formats to MP3, WMA M4a, AAC, etc. and then enjoy them in your music players.


Why use Freemore MP4 Video Converter?

  • Humanization Design
  • Optimal output quality
  • Super-fast processing technology built-in
  • Presets with popular settings
  • Support tons of input/output formats
  • Cutting-edge encoding/decoding technology
  • Support multicore CPU
  • Less burden on your system
  • Abundant guide contents & online support
  • Free, safe & no restrictions

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We promise our software will be 100% free, 100% clean, forever!


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What does Freemore MP4 Video Converter do?

How to Convert Video to MP4?
How to Convert Video to MP4?

Freemore MP4 Video Converter is a professional MP4 converter freeware which fastly converts MP4 video from all mainstream video formats for playback on various portable players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. With easy-to-use interface and fast conversion speed, output quality is excellent and has no source limitations.[More...]

How to Convert AVI to iPod?
How to Convert AVI to iPod?

There are increasing needs of video watching on iPod but AVI format is not supported by it. You must convert AVI videos to iPod before you sync them to your iPod. Freemore MP4 Video Converter - the professional AVI to iPod converter can easily and smoothly transform any AVI files to videos that are 100% playable on your iPod.[More...]

How to Convert MPEG to MP4?
How to Convert MPEG to MP4?

As we know, AVI format is a versatile container format that is used to house files of varying encoding methods and if you need to convert videos to AVI, say converting MPEG to AVI, then you have a good offer by Freemore MP4 Video Converter - the best MPEG to AVI video converter which can convert videos of MPEG and other formats to AVI with excellent output quality.[More...]

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