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    Freemore MP3 Cutter

    Visually Cut MP3 and Other Audio Files into Smaller Parts To Edit & Apply Audio Effects and Save to MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG


Freemore MP3 Cutter Features

  • Cut audio files to the length you want;
  • Apply audio effects to make your music stylish;
  • Edit audio in millisecond-level precision;
  • Preset qualities & manual numeric adjustment provided;
  • Visual operation to simplify everything;
  • 100% FREE and Easy.

Freemore MP3 Cutter is capable of cutting audio files visually without losing their quality. It is straightforward to use, without any need of related experience - only a few clicks can get the task of MP3 cutting finished. It is provides preset quality settings for the beginners as well as advanced adjustment for the professionals.

Free MP3 Cutter Software to Cut MP3 Music into Smaller Parts with Millisecond Precision

Certainly, more than once you have wanted to cut part of a song, the chorus, or any other audio clip from a large audio file and have not found how to do it. Or you have one of those live long recordings or demo from your band, and you want to send only a part of it to a friend via e-mail? In such cases, it is time to use Freemore MP3 Cutter, a simple program designed for this purpose to satisfy your demands. Freemore MP3 Cutter is a simple program that allows users to cut audio tracks into small pieces and save them to other file formats. It is made for the novices as well as having advanced adjustment for the professional user.


Why use Freemore MP3 Cutter ?

  • Humanization Design
  • Optimal output quality
  • Super-fast processing technology built-in
  • Presets with popular settings
  • Support tons of input/output formats
  • Cutting-edge encoding/decoding technology
  • Support multicore CPU
  • Less burden on your system
  • Abundant guide contents & online support
  • Free, safe & no restrictions

Our guarantee:

We promise our software will be 100% free, 100% clean, forever!


What you see is what you get

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What does Freemore MP3 Cutter do?

How to Cut MP3 Files?
How to Cut MP3 Files?

If you want to cut several new small files from a large audio file or create short ringtones for your cell phone from your favorite songs, Freemore MP3 Cutter is just on the point. It can help easily cut your required part of any music file, you won't be disappointed with Freemore MP3 Cutter![More...]

How to Trim MP3 Music?
How to Trim MP3 Music?

Freemore MP3 Cutter is a utility that allows you to trim clips of any length from MP3 music files. You can also add fade in/out, echo and many other effects to your audio. Then these clips can be put as ringtones of your mobile phone. Freemore MP3 Cutter will never disappoint you.[More...]

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